Let's take a look at the Sienna crossbody bag from Boldrini Selleria


ivory boldrini selleria handbag on the stone with street greens on background

Ever since I discovered well-known luxury brands of bags and accessories, I've come to conclude, through careful study and analysis, that there are truly wonderful brands that exceed my expectations. Surprisingly, these exquisite Italian brands not only offer quality but also possess a unique style and charm, which captures you instantly and never lets go. Having bought a couple of bags from Boldrini Selleria a few months ago, I find myself wanting to add another bag from their stunning collection to my spring-summer wardrobe - SIENNA!

I've finally reached a point in my life where I can spend hundreds, even thousands, on a handbag without significantly affecting my bank account. It's now possible for me to appreciate beauty and quality from the outside while also possessing, using, and even collecting items that bring me aesthetic pleasure. I believe achieving a decent quality of life is important for everyone; by surrounding ourselves with beautiful and unique items, we discover a new world, new sensations, and in my opinion, we become better versions of ourselves.


Bags and accessories hold a prominent place in my everyday wardrobe. I can't envision a day

boldrini selleria sienna handbag a view inside

without a handbag to store everything I need. I'm sure you too value starting your day in high spirits, looking at your reflection in the mirror and seeing a perfectly assembled image. Every detail, from your suit, shoes, jewelry, down to your bag, contributes to the overall look.

The bag completes the outfit and reassures you that you're ready for the productive day ahead. I could never have imagined that by adding more handbags to my wardrobe, I would forget about others for a while and use my favorite FIAMMETTA, OPERA, and CAMILLA from Boldrini Selleria daily. They perfectly complement my outfits, not to mention their quality and uniqueness, which are hard to find nowadays.


Upon ordering another Boldrini, I wasn't too upset when I read on the product page that production and delivery times had slightly increased due to high demand. More and more customers are discovering this Italian brand, famous for its perfect blend of price, quality, and uniqueness, and naturally want a Boldrini in their wardrobes. Considering your bag is made exclusively for you and entirely handcrafted, it's understandable why I had to wait up to 3 months. But I already knew from experience that I would be extremely satisfied with my purchase. Just as I anticipated, time flew by, and my patience was rewarded! The bag arrived securely packaged in a box, inside a dust bag, with the strap packed separately.


ivory boldrini selleria sienna handbag

Finally, I laid my eyes on my new bag. SIENNA is a crossbody bag crafted by the master leather artisans of Boldrini Selleria near Pistoia, Tuscany. Made of smooth Vachetta leather, this bag features an outstanding design and sophisticated details, which make Sienna a unique addition to your wardrobe. The detachable adjustable strap adds versatility and comfort to this elegant piece. I was thrilled with the purchase! The "Ivory" color was exactly as I'd imagined, and I instantly thought this neutral shade would be perfect for spring, summer, and fall. The glossy, soft Vachetta leather looks great when worn, and the gold hardware accentuates the neutral ivory color.

The bag comes with a very convenient adjustable detachable strap and a drawstring closure, which I find crucial. The bag measures 23cm/9.05" in height, 20cm/7.9" in width, and 12cm/4.7" in depth. The strap is 57 cm / 22.44 inches long. This bag is available in various colors, but in my opinion, the most appealing ones are Ivory, Brown, Black, and other neutral shades.


Upon first inspection, the bag reminded me of a pineapple, emphasizing its uniqueness. I was eager to see how much it could hold, and upon opening it, I began a thorough examination of the interior. The inside is very spacious, and I could easily fit everything I need. Both the width and depth are more than adequate for full usage.

The bag also features a soft suede-like fabric lining, a patch pocket engraved with Boldrini Selleria, another hidden pocket, and is trimmed with durable silk thread matching the lining color. The high quality is apparent when you look closely at all the details. I'm confident in my choice and anticipate wearing this bag frequently, easily pairing it with my spring, summer, and fall outfits.


Crafted from smooth Vachetta leather, this bag exhibits an outstanding design and exquisite details,

boldrini selleria embossed logo inside the handbag close up

making Sienna a unique accessory for your wardrobe. I look at my bag and think about how the craftsman meticulously handcrafted it, resulting in a high-quality product. All bags from the Boldrini Selleria collection stand out for their quality and unique design, captivating the buyer from the first glance and holding their interest for a long time. For me, I sense the positive energy of these remarkable products because they are handcrafted to bring us joy.


Bags from Boldrini Selleria are often products that rival the most embellished "handbags" produced by major, global fashion brands. Thanks to first-class materials, skilled workmanship, and striking design, they are true, affordable luxury items. Their prices are also advantageous, and the cost, considering the high quality and unique design, ranges from $250 to $650. As for the Sienna model, I purchased it for only $545 including delivery, after receiving a 5% discount.


What better way to showcase your unique style than with a Boldrini Selleria bag? Before my first purchase from Boldrini Selleria, I researched numerous high-end fashion brands that mass-produce items of presumably high quality. However, the hefty price tags of these luxury brands are often unjustifiable in my view. Indeed, Italian bags, even those not considered super-expensive "designer bags," are usually stunning. A perfect example is Boldrini Selleria.

In Italy, there is a longstanding tradition of superior leather craftsmanship, coupled with design aesthetics that contribute to the creation of the "Bel Paese" concept, resulting in true masterpieces in terms of Italian bags. Many buyers of high-end brands have come to appreciate the merits and accessibility of small Italian manufacturers. I am confident that bags from Boldrini Selleria will continue to be appreciated in the future.