The Exquisite AZZAIA Jolie: A Novel Addition to My Handmade Italian Bag Collection

     In the world of luxury accessories, Italy holds a position of esteemed reverence. When I purchased my first handmade bag from Boldrini Selleria, it was an initiation into an irresistible realm of elegance, design uniqueness, quality, and style, represented by the finest Italian brands. The allure of these handcrafted bags, complete with their fitting price tags, fosters a compelling desire to possess more than one of these exquisite items.

Recently, I acquired a new entrant to my growing collection - an exceptional crocodile leather bag from the distinguished Italian brand,  AZZAIA. The model, named Jolie, was handcrafted in Italy with the utmost precision and style.

Pink Azzaia Jolie crocodile bag interior with accent on a logo

AZZAIA is a highly-regarded Italian brand, esteemed for its production of luxury accessories of unparalleled quality. Their handbags are recognized as a true embodiment of style and elegance. With its captivating design and exotic texture, I am certain that the AZZAIA Jolie bag will infuse an extraordinary charm and a touch of luxury to my collection.

Anticipation and Delivery

A month ago, I embarked on the exciting journey of ordering my new bag from Italy. My yearning for a crocodile skin bag had been a long-held aspiration, and the AZZAIA Jolie seemed to be the perfect realization of this dream. The anticipation of adding it to my collection brought about a unique thrill.

The waiting period felt lengthy, yet every passing day augmented my joy and excitement. I found myself incessantly checking the delivery status, occasionally gripped by a wave of anxiety when the package seemed delayed. Nevertheless, I was well aware that exquisite things demand patience and

Azzaia Jolie blue bag

time, and I was prepared to wait.

Eventually, after a month-long period of anticipation, the day arrived when a bright yellow parcel notice appeared. The sensation was exhilarating. My heart pounded with thrill as I hurried to retrieve my package. As I held the beautifully crafted AZZAIA Jolie crocodile leather bag in my hands, my smile widened. The bag was meticulously packed and adequately protected, with the metal chain strap separately enclosed.

All the expectations, thoughts, and dreams I had harbored about the bag were not only met but surpassed. This month-long journey underscored a profound lesson: patience, dedication, and perseverance always yield gratifying results!

Design Elements

The Jolie bag manifests a structured silhouette with a rectangular outline, exuding an air of sophistication and elegance. Constructed from crocodile leather, it not only guarantees durability but also an irresistible touch of luxury. One of the distinctive attributes of the Jolie bag is its adjustable and detachable chain shoulder strap, providing versatile styling options. It can transition effortlessly from a shoulder bag to a crossbody bag or even a hand clutch. The gold-toned hardware accentuates the overall aesthetics of the bag, adding a subtle hint of sophistication.

External and Internal Characteristics

The bag is adorned with protective bottom rivets and features an internal flat pocket. It can be held in the hand or slung over the shoulder with a chain. The specifications of the AZZAIA Jolie bag are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 19X11X3 cm
  • Front flap with concealed magnetic button closure
  • Detachable gold chain strap and hook
  • Comes with a dust bag featuring the brand logo and special packaging

The external structure, made of high-quality crocodile leather, renders a sense of elegance and aesthetic appeal. Internally, the bag offers ample space, housing a main compartment that can comfortably accommodate essentials like your wallet, phone, keys, and other necessities. An additional pocket is incorporated for the organization and storage of smaller items. The interior of the bag is lined with a high-grade textile, mirroring the bag's color, thereby adding an extra layer of protection and aesthetic allure.

Pros and Cons



  • Unique, handmade design
  • Luxurious appearance due to high-quality crocodile leather
  • High durability


  • High price compared to other bags, owing to the material and craftsmanship
  • Specific care requirements to maintain quality and appearance



  • Spacious interior for essential items
  • Separate zippered pocket for organizing smaller items
  • Quality finishes for extra strength and aesthetic charm


  • Lack of dividers or compartments, which can make organization tricky
  • Limited number of pockets may hinder storage of multiple small items

To conclude: The external and internal advantages of the AZZAIA Jolie bag include a luxurious appearance, durability, and uniqueness as each bag is handmade, promising a one-of-a-kind piece. Internally, the bag offers spaciousness, organizational efficiency due to the presence of a separate pocket, and a high-quality finish.

However, there are also certain aspects to consider. Externally, crocodile skin bags are generally priced higher, reflecting the cost of the material and craftsmanship. Additionally, they require specialized care, including regular cleaning and moisturizing, to uphold their quality and appearance. On the interior, the lack of dividers and a limited number of pockets may pose organizational challenges.

Azzaia Jolie Pink Peony bag

Color Options

The AZZAIA Jolie bag is available in several striking color options:

  1. Classic Crushing Red: This red bag is a timeless, versatile choice that pairs well with a variety of outfits and seasons.
  2. Natural Snowhite: The white shade confers a charming, natural allure to the bag. It complements any clothing color.
  3. Trendy Shades: AZZAIA also offers a collection of trendy shades like my favorite Blue Poison, with options that vary by season. It can be pastels like Pink Peony, bright colors or trendy shades that can add a stylish touch to your look.  

Balancing Price and Quality

AZZAIA is renowned for its superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. The valuation of

A young lady with Azzaia Jolie poison color bag in her hands

the Jolie bag hinges on multiple factors such as the choice of material, craftsmanship, design, and additional features. The price of $1243 for a bag made of crocodile leather — a luxurious and uncommon material — with a robust construction is justifiable. However, this assessment of value for money largely depends on individual preferences. If the high-quality craftsmanship, unique design, and use of luxurious materials align with your expectations, the Jolie bag from AZZAIA is worth its price.

The Unique Style of the AZZAIA Jolie Bag

An AZZAIA bag is a reflection of individuality and exclusivity. The crocodile leather and handmade craftsmanship of the AZZAIA Jolie bag make it a luxury statement piece. While it might not be my everyday bag, when worn, it stands as a testament to my unique style. Choosing to carry this bag denotes confidence, a commitment to quality, and a value for luxury.

However, let's not forget that our individuality is expressed in various aspects of life, with the AZZAIA bag being only one of the elements. It is an excellent addition, but it doesn't define our personality. Ultimately, the extent to which my bag highlights my individuality and uniqueness is a judgment best made by you, the observer. If I feel the AZZAIA bag mirrors my style, accentuates my personality, and adds a special touch of luxury to my outfits, then it fulfills its role. It's a wonderful reminder that individuality extends beyond material possessions and into the fabric of our lifestyle.

However, it's worth noting that uniqueness goes beyond accessories. The AZZAIA bag can accentuate our personality, but it certainly doesn't define it. Our individuality permeates various facets of life, and the AZZAIA bag is just one of the elements that aid in expressing ourselves.


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