Stylish beige woven handbag with double handles and decorative knot detail
Beige woven handbag with dual handles and front pocket


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3270 Mirella is a shoulder bag crafted by Lanzetti in Lesa, Piemonte. Made of cotton and straw, this bag presents a classic yet super chic design featuring a calfskin ribbon accessory in the front. Mirella's sizeable dimensions are large enough to fit all your essentials, making it the perfect go-to bag!
- Made in Italy
- Straw and Calfskin
- Leather handles

The 3270 Mirella Shoulder Bag by Lanzetti is the epitome of classic design with a touch of modern chic. Handcrafted in Lesa, Piemonte, this bag is made of a unique blend of cotton and straw, creating a durable and stylish accessory that is perfect for all occasions. The bag features a stunning calfskin ribbon accessory in the front, adding a touch of elegance to its simple and timeless design.

Measuring in at a sizeable dimension, this bag can fit all your essentials, making it your perfect everyday go-to bag. The leather handles provide comfort and durability to the bag. The Lanzetti logo tag adds an element of luxury to this already sumptuous piece.

Crafted with natural fibers, the 3270 Mirella bag features a beautiful beige tone that is perfect for any season. Designed exclusively for women, this bag represents a perfect combination of style, comfort, and practicality. Whether you need to carry your work essentials or just want to have a comfortable and stylish bag for every day, the 3270 Mirella Shoulder Bag by Lanzetti is the perfect answer. Made in Italy, this bag is sure to become your new favorite accessory.
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We promote sustainable practices. Many products are hand made to order by local Italian craftsmen who have used traditional methods and best practices.

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