Black leather handbag with zebra print sides and red accents
Elegant black leather handbag with zebra print accents and red details
Stylish black handbag with zebra print pocket and zipper detail
Elegant black leather handbag with zebra print accent and red zipper
Green leather handbag with striped fabric accents and metal feet resting on a white surface


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Introducing our new collection of fashionable bags/top handle bags! These stunning and stylish bags come in black and white and feature a classic zebra pattern with zipper and stone details. Perfect for both daywear and office attire, this classic casualwear bag is a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Weight: 620 g / 1.4 lb
Height: 23.0 cm / 9.1 in
Width: 22.0 cm / 8.7 in
Depth: 15.0 cm / 5.9 in
The 3003 DOLLARO/PONY is the latest addition to our collection of fashionable top handle bags! Made from 100% calf leather, this stunning bag is perfect for both casual daywear and formal office attire. The classic zebra pattern and stone details give it a stylish and eye-catching design. Available in black and white, the 3003 DOLLARO/PONY is the perfect accessory to complete your look. With a weight of 620 g / 1.4 lb, a height of 23.0 cm / 9.1 in, a width of 22.0 cm / 8.7 in, and a depth of 15.0 cm / 5.9 in, this bag is the perfect size for your daily essentials. Elevate your style with the 3003 DOLLARO/PONY, a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Suitable for women who love quality designer handbags.
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Why is there crafting time?
We promote sustainable practices. Many products are hand made to order by local Italian craftsmen who have used traditional methods and best practices.

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