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Dark blue bucket hat with leather patch on front
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Beige canvas bucket hat with Lebrun leather patch
Beige fabric hat with a brown leather LEBIYER FIRENZE label stitched on


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The natural ramie bucket hat is a trendy and eco-friendly option to protect yourself from the sun during outdoor activities. Crafted from natural ramie fibers, this hat offers effective sun protection without the use of synthetic fabrics. The wide brim and its soft, lightweight fabric ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The classic design has been revisited by Lebiar with a touch of contemporary style to adapt to current trends. Choose the natural ramie bucket hat for an experience of quality, sustainability and unique style.- Made in Italy
- Ramiè
Spin your fashion narrative on its head with Lebiar's revolutionary model, CAPPELLO ALLA PESCATORA, a staple that shines a spotlight on sustainability. The natural ramie bucket hat embraces an environmentally-friendly ethos, masterfully coupling this with trendy aesthetics that are destined to make a statement at any outdoor occasion.

Lebiar, as a highly respectable vendor in the fashion landscape, has skillfully crafted this hat from natural ramie fibers, embodying a commitment to avoid synthetic fabrics. Utmost protection from the sun's harsh elements is delivered beautifully through this green-innovation, offering a blend of utility and style that's truly unparalleled.

Gracefully flowing around the rim is a wide brim that promises comfort and security, ensuring the hat fits snugly. The material is both soft to the touch and lightweight, adding an additional layer of comfort for continuous wear throughout the day.

The aesthetics are captured by a charming interplay of classic designs, subtly infused with a contemporary flair. What sets this piece apart is Lebiar's keen intention to adapt to the fluidity of current trends while erasing the boundaries between the old and the new.

The natural ramie bucket hat is a testament to quality, sustainability, and unique style. Made in Italy, this unique creation revives the magic of European craftsmanship that's well-balanced with a touch of nature. Rediscover elegance with a hint of 'green'; only with Lebiar's CAPPELLO ALLA PESCATORA.
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We promote sustainable practices. Many products are hand made to order by local Italian craftsmen who have used traditional methods and best practices.

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