Large beige tote bag with black handles on white background
Large beige canvas tote bag with dark blue handles on a white background
Close-up of a stylish navy blue and white canvas tote bag with a gold zipper and clasp
Olive green tote bag with brown handles against white background
Olive green canvas tote bag with brown handles on white background
Green fabric pocket with a zipper and clip attachment
Colorful striped tote bag with leather handles
Beige jute tote bag with black handles
Large beige tote bag with brown handles
Large dark blue tote bag with tan handles on white background
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Tote Clo is a tote bag composed of canvas made by Pier Sicilia.
- 100% Made in Italy
- Canvas
- Detachable pouch
Height: 35 cm / 13.8 in
Width: 66 cm / 26 in
To Be Crafted
Estimated Dispatch - 47 days
Why is there crafting time?
We promote sustainable practices. Many products are hand made to order by local Italian craftsmen who have used traditional methods and best practices.

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