Green mesh leather handbag with adjustable strap
Green designer handbag with textured material and top handles
Green designer handbag with textured surface and unique cutout handle
Bright green leather handbag with shoulder strap and unique perforated design
Green leather designer handbag with open top and inner compartments
Illustration of a versatile handbag with adjustable strap by Roberta Gandolfi in four different styles labeled A, B, C, and D
Red designer handbag with a brown detachable strap and textured pattern
Red mesh tote bag with curved handles and embossed logo on the front
Red designer handbag with unique structured shape and mesh texture
Red leather shoulder bag with adjustable strap
Red leather handbag with open top showing inner compartments
Robertagandolfi handbag designs displayed in four different styles
White designer handbag with a textured finish and adjustable shoulder strap
Modern white mesh tote bag with dual handles and silver emblem
White mesh designer handbag with silver logo
White perforated leather handbag with adjustable shoulder strap
White textured tote bag with open top and inner pockets
Illustration of a versatile handbag by Robertagandolfi shown in four different styles labeled A, B, C, D


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1 bag 5 styles, this is the “Joy” model Designed with a minimal style, comfortable and practical, light weight and eclectic model dedicated to a contemporary woman. Made of soft textured leather expertly micro-perforated with this exclusive “net” design which creates a see-through effect on the main walls and delicately edged and finished in the same leather RG laser cut and sewn on the front side This model is very versatile and can accompany you to work or even on your travels, taking up very little space in your suitcase. Suitable for the woman who loves light bags without giving up a touch of glam- Made in Italy
- 100% Pelle di vitelloWeight: 815 g / 1.8 lb
Height: 39.0 cm / 15.4 in
Width: 31.0 cm / 12.2 in
Depth: 2.5 cm / 1.0 in
Introducing the 2000 JOY YUMA bag, a marvellous creation from the prestigious house of Roberta Gandolfi. This brilliantly executed accessory transcends function and form to become an embodiment of today's leading-edge style. Crafted meticulously with a profound appreciation for minimalism, while preserving the essence of pragmatism, this bag is designed specifically with the progressive, style-conscious woman in mind.

The exceptional 2000 JOY YUMA bag is sculptured from soft textured calfskin leather, adorned with a captivating “net” design that is uniquely micro-perforated to create a captivating see-through effect. This innovative feature is beautifully complimented by edging and detailing, finished with precision in the same luxurious leather. Evident throughout the design is Roberta Gandolfi's signature RG laser cut design with meticulous stitching on the front side, which enhances its distinctiveness.

Admirably lightweight at 1.8 lbs and measuring 15.4 inches in height, 12.2 inches in width, and 1 inch in depth, this superb Italian piece showcases its versatility as a chic work companion or a travel essential that is easy to pack. Celebrating effortless glamour while embracing practicability, the 2000 JOY YUMA bag proffers the stylish solution for the woman who appreciates the allure of light bags yet demands an undeniably elusive touch of glam style.
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