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3241 is a tote bag composed of nylon and calfskin made by Marco Masi.
- 100% Made in Italy
- Nylon and Calfskin

Introducing the 3241 tote bag created by artisan Marco Masi. This stunning bag is 100% made in Italy and features a unique combination of nylon and calfskin materials that blend both durability and style. It is the perfect accessory for women who want to make a statement with their fashion choices. With the sleek black color and the high-quality materials, this bag can easily fit into any collection of bags. The 3241 tote bag is designed for women who are constantly on-the-move, thanks to its spacious size and practicality. Whether you are running errands around the city or jet-setting on your next adventure, this bag has got you covered. The careful attention to detail and dedication to quality make this bag a must-have for any fashion-forward individual. Order now and experience the elegance and sophistication of the 3241 tote bag by Marco Masi.
To Be Crafted
Estimated Dispatch - 37 days
Why is there crafting time?
We promote sustainable practices. Many products are hand made to order by local Italian craftsmen who have used traditional methods and best practices.

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