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Black Satchel purse with silver hardware

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The HESTIA bag is Claudio Civitico’s expression of the very essence of women’s heart and home as it honors the power of the Greek goddess HESTIA in igniting hearth fire.

Versatile and capacious, this model is elevated by signature details including a discrete top leather flap that protects your belongings from view and the rain, a magnetic clasp that secures the bag, and three individual internal compartments that help organize its contents.

It is characterized by its hallmark smooth and unique feel, perfectly balanced proportions, and naturally elegant style. Thanks to its casual and refine look, the HESTIA bag is ideal for the office, everyday use, or the evening. Its foam-backed handles make it easy to hold and comfortable to carry as a handheld or shoulder top-handle bag, and its removable strap also allows it to be worn as a cross-body or over-the-shoulder bag.

The Black Satchel purse with silver hardware, known as the HESTIA bag, is a true masterpiece designed by Claudio Civitico. The bag is named after the Greek goddess HESTIA, who is the embodiment of the warmth and comfort of home. This purse is perfect for women who are looking to carry their essentials in a stylish and practical manner.

Crafted with signature details, this purse is not only fashionable but also highly functional. It comes with a discrete top leather flap that provides protection from both view and the rain, and a magnetic clasp that ensures that the bag is secured at all times. The three individual internal compartments help you to organize your belongings effortlessly.

The HESTIA bag is made of premium quality materials, which provide it with a hallmark smooth and unique feel. Its balanced proportions and naturally elegant style make it ideal for all occasions. Whether you are heading to the office, running errands, or going out for the evening, this purse has got you covered.

With its foam-backed handles, the HESTIA bag is comfortable to carry as a handheld or shoulder top-handle bag. Its removable strap allows you to wear it as a cross-body or over-the-shoulder bag, making it even more versatile.

In conclusion, the HESTIA bag is the perfect blend of style and functionality. It is a must-have for any woman's wardrobe and is ideal for those who are always on the go. If you are looking for a handbag that embodies elegance, comfort, and practicality, the HESTIA bag from SPO is the perfect product for you.
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