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Leopard Am is a stole composed of cashmere made by Ama Pure.
- 100% Made in Italy
- 100% Cashmere
Height: 100 cm / 39.4 in
Width: 200 cm / 78.7 in
Introducing the Leopard Am stole by Ama Pure, the perfect accessory for both men and women who want to add a touch of luxury to their style. Made from 100% cashmere and crafted with great care in Italy, this stole is a must-have for any fashion-conscious individual.

Featuring a stunning leopard print design, available in both grey and white, this stole measures 100cm in height and 200cm in width. This generous size ensures that you can drape it around your neck or shoulders for warmth and comfort, while also making a bold statement with your outfit.

The Leopard Am stole is a true artisanal masterpiece, crafted by the skilled hands of Ama Pure's talented designers. It is a true reflection of the brand's commitment to quality, authenticity and ethical fashion.

Whether you're heading to work, going on a night out or simply running errands, this stole will add an element of sophistication to any outfit. So why wait? Add the Leopard Am stole to your wardrobe today and see the difference it makes to your style!
To Be Crafted
Estimated Dispatch - 62 days
Why is there crafting time?
We promote sustainable practices. Many products are hand made to order by local Italian craftsmen who have used traditional methods and best practices.

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