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Slang is a shoulder bag made of calfskin crafted by Marco Masi.
- 100% Made in Italy
- 100% Calfskin
Height: 18 cm / 7.1 in
Width: 8 cm / 3.1 in
Depth: 8 cm / 3.1 in

Introducing Slang, the ultimate shoulder bag to amplify your style and convenience. Handcrafted by the skilled Italian artisan Marco Masi, Slang boasts a premium quality calfskin material that ensures durability and longevity. With dimensions of 18 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm, Slang provides ample space for all your essentials yet retains a sleek and fashionable look.

Slang is the perfect bag for the trendy and fashion-forward woman who wants to make a statement. It is part of the first-order collection from Marco Masi and is 100% made in Italy. This bag is available for crafting, ensuring that each bag is made with precision and attention to detail. Choose Slang in different prints to embody your unique style.

Whether you're running errands, heading to work, or going out on a date, Slang is the perfect companion. The shoulder bag category ensures that it's easy to carry, leaving your hands free for other tasks. Slang is versatile and ideal for all occasions. Add it to your bag collection and experience the art of Italian craftsmanship.
To Be Crafted
Estimated Dispatch - 37 days
Why is there crafting time?
We promote sustainable practices. Many products are hand made to order by local Italian craftsmen who have used traditional methods and best practices.

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